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Holistic Therapist

Member of International Council of

Holistic Therapists - IIHT - ITEC

Yatton  & Wedmore

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Before facelift massage

After facelift massage

1 hour:  £ 55

Natural Facelift Massage ( also known as Facial Rejuvanation)

Natural Facelift massage, which is also known as Facial Rejuvenation is a wonderful holistic treatment introduced in 2000 by Kundan and Narendra Mehta at the London Centre of Indian Champissage. 

This is an hours treatment mainly on the face, but also includes the neck and head and is performed with the hands and without the use of creams or oils, combining the therapies of face massage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, head massage and energy balancing. 

This is a relaxing non invasive treatment designed with an approach to younger and firmer looking skin, to make you both look and feel revitalised and refreshed.

Over time, as we age, the fibres in the connective tissue of our skin becomes matted and loses the mobility, reducing the skins suppleness and flexibility, creating wrinkles and habitual expression lines. The precise moves of the treatment aim to free the constriction in the connective tissue and facial muscles to regain its freedom and elasticity.

Also, over time the build up of toxins in our bodies, can cause the face to look dull, puffy and saggy. The treatment encourages the blood circulation and lymphatic system, helping to remove toxins. The massage and the lymph drainage techniques in the treatment help to give the face a healthier and glowing complexion.

With the combination of techniques, the treatments may provide tightened facial contours, reduced under eye puffiness, improved skin tone, refined pores, lessened wrinkles and expression lines, softened skin, brighter eyes, increased elasticity and tension release in the muscle and can relieve stress related headaches, insomnia and eye strain. 

To achieve the optimum results, it would be advisable to have a series of treatments close together, ideally a course of 6 treatments once a week. To maintain the benefits that you've achieved, it is recommended to continue with a treatment at least once a month. 

Treatment cost is £50 for initial treatment and follow on treatments.

Treatments paid in advance

If you'd like to book a course of 6 treatments and pay in advance, you will receive the 6th treatment free. The total cost being £250.

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